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Magnetic Clip On Sunglasses


Custom Magnetic Clip On Sunglasses

You already have your favorite glasses or a pair of glasses with a prescription lens and you want to convert them into clip on sunglasses. NO PROBLEM our custom boutique will craft the perfect fit for your favorite RX glasses making them sunglasses.

STEP #1: Place order for your new Clip Ons and choose the lens type and color.


Step #2: Pick your Frame color and Accessories:

Step #3: You will send your glasses into our lab, we will cut the perfect shape and color combo and then added it to your glasses with a Magnetic Assembly that we install directly into your current lenses for the perfect fit. Allowing you to convert your favorite glasses or prescription glasses into sunglasses.

We custom build every order and have successfully converted:

Oakley Prescription Sunglasses to Volugio.

We have also converted many RX glasses into Color Blind Sunglasses as needed for our customers.

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