Engineered for performance for lightweight and semi rimless design, the Oakley Flak 2.0 are a perfect fit for hardcore Chicago Bears Fans to sport on game days and they are even great for everyday use! The Oakley Flak 2.0 is also durable and meant to last, they are known as high definition optics which ensure that you are getting a great high quality product! You will not regret purchasing a pair of Bears Oakley Flak 2.0 sunglasses. Prescription Rx lenses are available in these frames as well.


Chicago Bears Oakley NFL Flak 2.0 Sunglasses

The Chicago Bears are a team with a rich history and is one of the oldest teams in the NFL. From the beginning the Chicago Bears were the team to watch, back in the 1920’s they were the first to buy another player from a different team. This team dominated all throughout the early years of the NFL. The Bears fell on some hard times but then with a change of staff and fresh talent they rose back in the ranks again. Walter Payton was one of the most talented and remembered Bears players! An explosive running back that helped turn the Bears losing streak around.

Chicago Bears and Coach Mike Ditka’s Super Bowl Win

Another important part of the franchises history is Mike Ditka, which successfully coached the Bears and led them to secure a Super Bowl title in 1985! The Chicago Bears have had a total of two super bowl appearances and continue to fight for more! The Bears have had the best defense in the NFL for many years and they continue to strive for greatness through injuries and anything that comes at them! Their fans are dedicated and will support the Chicago Bears no matter what! The Bears Oakley sunglasses are a perfect way to represent such a hardworking team and monumental players throughout the history of their time in the NFL.

Frequently Asked Questions

What year did the Chicago Bears  join the NFL?


Chicago Bears All-time Passing Leader?

Jay Cutler – 2,020/3,271, 23,443 yds, 154 TD

Chicago Bears All-time Rushing Leader?

Walter Peyton – 3,838 att, 16,726 yds, 110 TD

Chicago Bear All-time Receiving Leader?

Johnny Morris – 356 rec, 5,059 yds, 31 TD

Chicago Bears All-time Scoring Leader?

Robbie Gould – 1,207 points

Chicago Bears All-time AV Leader?

Walter Peyton – 168 AV

Chicago Bears Winningest Coach?

George Halas 318-148-31

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