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Carolina Panthers Oakley NFL Flak 2.0 Sunglasses

The Carolina Panthers are a fairly young franchise that joined the league after much anticipation in 1996. Throughout the years the Carolina Panthers have revamped their franchise and have had several explosive players such as Dan Morgan, Kris Jenkins, and Steve Smith which helped the Panthers in many ways. Steve Smith was a loyal player who stayed with the team a total of 13 seasons and is recognized as one of the best wide receivers to have played in the league. The team has had two Super Bowl appearances although after playing hard they came up short.

Cam Newton’s Record Breaking Rookie Year

Cam Newton has helped the franchise in the most recent years. His rookie year successfully  broke several records, including Peyton Manning’s record for most passing yards. This franchise has always put in hard work and dedication and has a die hard fans that are always supporting their team and the best way to support your team is with a pair of Oakley sunglasses! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What year did the Carolina Panthers join the NFL?


Carolina Panthers All-time Passing Leader?

Cam Newton

Carolina Panthers All-time Rushing Leader?

Johnathan Stewart – 1,699 att, 7,381 yds, 51 TD

Carolina Panthers All-time Receiving Leader?

Steve Smith – 836 rec, 12,197 yds, 67 TD

Carolina Panthers All-time Scoring Leader?

John Kasay – 1,482 points

Carolina Panthers All-time AV Leader?

Cam Newton

Carolina Panthers Winningest Coach?

John Fox

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