Best Caribbean location open to US tourists!


What countries and Caribbean islands are open for US tourist to travel to?

As Americans start to think about a post Covid life …If you’re anything like me you’re wondering what country or what Caribbean island is open for US travelers.

Being a huge fan of the Caribbean many people are also asking questions like:

  • Is Barbados open to US visitors?
  • are the Virgin Islands open to everyone?
  • is Hawaii open for travel yet?
  • Is the Caribbean open for US visitors?

Not being in lockdown for the last year we’ve had the fortune to travel to Estonia, Spain, Mexico and have already traveled to many of the Caribbean islands and we have definitely found Paradise that is open to US citizens that checks the bucket list

  • We feel safe even late at night while riding our bikes or walking the dog
  • Good Wi-Fi
  • People are super friendly
  • The beach is amazing
  • Caribbean blue and turquoise waters all around
  • There’s a Costco on the island
  • Great food
  • Affordable and welcoming!
  • Cheap flights
  • Central standard time zone
  • And the list goes on….

This beautiful Caribbean location was not at the top of our list prior to Covid but now that we are founded we have realized it has many many great features including being in the same time zone.


We love it so much we’ve decided to start a new business that potentially may allow us to move there one day please take a look at the website And find where I believe your next perfect excursion will be!

If you have not figured it out by now, it’s actually the beautiful Caribbean island of Cozumel, and more specifically New Cozumel!



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