Nation Sports Leagues demand Higher Quality Eye Protection for Players

February 11, 2019


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ADS Sports Eyewear & Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation High School League

Begin Partnership for Student Athlete Eye Protection

DALLAS – ADS Eyewear – a company specializing in prescription sports sunglasses, Oakley prescription sunglasses, prescription ski goggles, and pretty much anything eyewear related for active people – has began another partnership with a sporting organization.

ADS Eyewear and its proprietary brand of Volugio sports eyewear will be among the sponsors of the Youth/High School Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation organization for the 2019 season. This will allow ADS Eyewear and Volugio to provide to members of high school fishing teams the best fishing sunglasses at a deep discount.

This partnership comes on the heals of ADS Eyewear’s recently announced partnership with five-time Olympic speed shooter John McNally of McNally Glock Triggers.

According to Darrel High, Youth/High School Director of Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation, over 113 high school clubs made up of more than 1,200 high school student anglers fished during the high school spring tournaments. In addition, Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation has 28 active young junior clubs with more than 200 young/junior anglers.

“The upcoming season projections show an increase in support for over 1,400 anglers,” High said on the organization’s website.

ADS Eyewear is staffed by talented opticians who have dedicated their lives to creating the highest level sporting eyewear, making it a great place to get the best fishing sunglasses online. One of the reasons is because every member of the ADS Eyewear team is an avid participant in every activity that is shown on the web site.  This lets the ADS Eyewear team provide authoritative answers to anyone looking to order prescriptions sunglasses online or prescription safety glasses.

Also, with partnerships like the one with Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation, sporting individuals get a chance to use the best fishing sunglasses, prescription sporting glasses, and prescription safety glasses. This provides additional real world use that allows ADS Eyewear to continue improving its products.

In addition to the best fishing sunglasses and precision shooting glasses, ADS Eyewear produces prescription sporting glasses and prescription safety glasses to meet the needs of almost any sport.  ADS Eyewear can customize any frame style and color with any lens color to create prescription sunglasses for that meet both the specifications of any sport and the style of any customer.

Leading the way for ADS Eyewear is its proprietary Volugio brand of sporting prescription sunglasses and prescription  safety glasses, a great choice even for those looking for Oakley sunglasses. The Volugio brand is made of prescription-ready high grade polycarbonate lenses designed to stand up to the demands of sporting activities

For those in the sporting life who just want the most stylish frames and lenses to protect their eyes, the Volugio styles are among the most desired throughout the sporting world. Again, ADS Eyewear can customize frame style and color to coordinate with lens colors to create a product that is as stylish as it is functional.

Whatever the brand or style you want, and whether the lenses are for protection only, or for prescription sunglasses, ADS Eyewear can meet your specific needs with recommendations that are borne from actual use. The staff regularly takes out ADS Eyewear’s prescription sunglasses, including Oakley sunglasses, and test them under real world conditions, which fits perfectly with the new partnership with the Youth/High School Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation organization.

Student participants in the Youth/High School Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation organization have the opportunity to apply for scholarships, as well as honing their skills as anglers. Because of the time they spend on the water, it is important that the student anglers’ young eyes get the protection they need with the best fishing sunglasses available; that is where the strategic partnership with Volugio pays benefits for both organizations.

The student anglers’ eyes are protected from glare and UV rays by the best fishing sunglasses and Volugio glasses have the honor of providing that protection. For those student angers who require prescription sunglasses, Volugio lenses can be set for any prescription. In fact, Volugio’s Free-Form Digital prescription lenses are among the best prescription sunglasses lenses for sports on the planet. Student anglers, along with regular consumers, can use filters on the Volugio website to see glasses by sport, size, activity, and the filters to isolate polarized sunglasses or ANSI approved safety glasses.

High prescriptions are welcome. Volugio is able to put stronger prescription lenses in wrapped frames with minimal thickness using a new digital technology called Lenticular Free-Form. This dramatically expands the range of what is possible for people who wear prescription sunglasses, and it can create the thinnest lens ever possible in prescription sunglasses. The result is the best fishing sunglasses and the best prescription sunglasses available anywhere.

The partnership is active immediately, and Youth/High School Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation members can access their discounts by contacting Darrel High, Alabama State High School & Youth Director of Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation. To see the styles available, shoppers should point their browsers to for all the options available to the high school anglers or anyone looking for the best fishing sunglasses or prescription sunglasses online.



We don’t just sell sports eyewear, we live it! When we recommend a product or a specific lens color it is not from something we read in a book.  We recommend the glasses that have worked best for us. Our testing is extensive and completely objective. Our only goal is to give our customers the best possible eyewear for their sport or hobby.  And, we believe this is why such a large portion of our business is repeat or referral customers. We also understand that looking good while playing outdoors is important and therefore have carefully selected only a few of the best styles. In each category we present glasses that provide superior eye protection, unparalleled value, and extraordinary style.


The Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation understands the important role that youth plays in the continued growth and preservation of bass fishing – and also the important role we, as anglers, can provide in enhancing youngsters’ appreciation of the great outdoors and what our state has to offer in the way of fishing recreational activities. We take seriously the duty and responsibility we have in helping to build leadership capabilities in our youth and the integrity that will serve them well in later life.