John McNally

John McNally has become a household name over the past 3 decades in the competitive shooting world. Not only has John achieved success in competitive shooting, he did so while serving in the Army.  He made his first Olympics in 1984 after serving with the 3rd Ranger Company, TSB. He later served with Army Marksmanship Unit as Officer in Charge of Pistol, where he created the Action Pistol unit. While serving in the Army he also competed in the 1988 and 1992 games, and then in 1996 and 2000 games he competed as a civilian.  John also earned many NRA champion titles over his career.

olympic champion

Ryan Gosling Sunglasses

Own the sunglasses worn by Ryan Gosling in The Nice Guys movie with these Randolph Engineering Sunglasses: 23kt Gold Frames Aviators with Tan Glass Lenses.

Ryan Gosling’s character in The Nice Guys pairs his classic 70’s gold-toned suit with the perfect shade of Randolph sunglasses: Tan Glass Aviators with 23kt Gold Frames. The film, set in Los Angeles in the late 1970’s, depicts a private eye’s investigation into the death of a fading porn star and uncovers a conspiracy. Starring Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe….

Johnny Depp Sunglasses

Johnny Depp looks smooth as the sea with these Randolph Aviator sunglasses! Having starred in some of the biggest blockbuster hits of the modern era including the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean series, he is arguably one go the biggest to ever be seen on screen, he still hasn’t lost his edge or his unique flair, which is on display every time he wear his Aviator glasses. He has charted his course and is sailing into the future with these bright chrome frames and cool blue glass lenses!

Zac Efron Sunglasses

Zac Efron has been stealing our hearts since he sang and danced his way through High School Musical! This talented young actor has made quite a name for himself with a number of great role choices including the new version of Baywatch where you will find him sporting the classic Aviator sunglasses in Gray Glass with 23K Gold Frames! These shades are as hot as Efron and you can get in on some of that summertime action with your very own pair! Ride some waves and get out for some fun in the sun!


Dwayne Johnson Sunglasses

What else could a muscled out specimen of sheer masculine strength need to complete his image? Why, a fantastic pair of sunglasses of course! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is quickly becoming one of the most sought after action heroes and you can catch him in the action flick Rampage wearing the classic Aviator sunglasses in the Archer style. Not simply just featured,  these shades are actually an integral part of his outfit throughout the duration of the film! They look incredible on him, if we do say so!


John Krasinski Sunglasses

You probably know him as “Jim” from the hit series The Office, but John Krasinki has been making a new name for himself in the entertainment industry with his his directorial and action/suspense projects including A Quiet Place and the film 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.  Like the strength displayed by the men with whom the latter story is about, so is the military spec construction of the Aviator Concorde sunglasses that you can see being worn by Krasinki in the movie. It is fitting that these stunning sunglasses were chosen in the film because they are frequently worn by real-life US Military Pilots and NASA astronauts! They are not durably made in the USA with double baked 23k Gold, SkyTec™ premium lenses and guaranteed for life!

Emma Stone Sunglasses

Beautiful actress Emma Stone has been gaining popularity in the film industry for the last several years. She has starred in several acclaimed films including La La Land and The Favourite. She has also made her way to the 2018 Netflix dark-comedy series Maniac where she can be seen wearing a slick pair of P3 sunglasses! These sunglasses are very modern with a retro feel that perfectly complement her fair skin and platinum blonde hair! You know you want to get a pair too!

Ellen DeGeneres Sunglasses

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres is known for being quite charismatic. Her claim to fame comes from her title role in the sitcom Ellen. She has since gone on to host her own talk show, and has won hearts for her voiceover work in Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo and its sequel Finding Dory, she is always stylish in her pant suits and pixie blonde hair. She can be seen in photos wearing the perfectly complementary Concorde Aviator sunglasses to match the sleek and sophisticated look.


Elijah Wood Sunglasses

Actor Elijah Wood has been on the film industry since he was cast in multiple lead roles in films from an early age. Now as an adult he has come into his own and has become a household name largely in part to his role as the primary character “Frodo Baggins” in the critically and audience acclaimed and multi-award winning The Lord of the Rings film series. Elijah wood is also known for his sense of style and it is clearly evident whenever you see him around wearing a pair of the ultra hot and classic Aviator sunglasses!

Kid Rock Sunglasses

Kid Rock is an American musical star who is best known for mixing extremely contrasting genres like hip-hop, rock, and country together to create a unique musical sound paired with killer lyrics. He marches to the beat of his own drum but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t recognizes greatness when he sees it which is why he can often be found wearing a pair of Aviator sunglasses! Kid Rock’s those shades!

Sam Jaegar Sunglasses

Sam Jaeger is an American actor and writer who has built an impressive television resume and has also been seen in several major supporting roles in successful films like Traffic and American Sniper. In American sniper Jaeger portrays a Captain Martens, and it is no surprise that you can see him wearing a pair of Aviator sunglasses as they are a favorite amongst military men. These cool sunglasses look the part, and are strong and durable to stand up against whatever is thrown at you!

Jamie Foxx Sunglasses

Eric Marlon Bishop, better known by his Alias- Jamie Foxx, is an accomplished actor, musician, songwriter, record producer, and comedian. Foxx won an Oscar in 2005 for his portrayal of the legendary Ray Charles in the award winning film Ray. Foxx performed the songs himself both singing and playing the piano! One of his more recent films is the action thriller Sleepless, where he can be scene rocking a pair of Intruder sunglasses! Perfect for embodying the character of an undercover cop ready to take out the “bad guys,” you too could be ready for some action with pair of your own!

Jay Harrington Sunglasses

James Harrington, professionally  known as “Jay”  is an American television actor. He is known for his title role in the series Better Off Ted as well as for the series S.W.A.T where he plays “Deacon Kay.” Harrington shines in both series as an actor as well as for his style which is evident when you catch him on the latter wearing a hot pair of Aviator shades! Don’t underestimate the magnetism of a man wearing Aviators!

Vanessa Ray Sunglasses

Vanessa Ray is a lovely television actress and singer. She has played major roles on several popular series including the Pretty Little Liars, and Blue Bloods where she can be seen wearing Aviator sunglasses! It’s no wonder that the costume department decided to put her police officer character in these shades as they are durable, practical, and stylish! These sunglasses can be worn everyday with ease and will always be fashionable!

Michael Keaton Sunglasses

Who doesn’t know who Michael Keaton is? He has played iconic characters from big time Tim Burton films most famously his title roles as Bruce Wayne aka Batman, and Beetlejuice. Keaton is able to portray both serious and comedic roles with ease and style which is evident in as he smoulders in a pair of Aviator sunglasses through much of the film American Assassin. Keaton is also seen wearing them out and about in his everyday life too, including on the red carpet at the Academy Awards!

Matt Barr Sunglasses

Golden locked actor Matt Barr is known for playing a variety of characters on several  television series including One Tree Hill, and Hatfields and McCoys. Like so many shows that feature characters wearing the dynamic Aviator sunglasses, it will be no surprise that you will see Barr sporting a pair on the his showValor. When you need an actor to look hot, you put them in a pair of these bad boys!

Michael Weatherly

Michael Weatherly gained notoriety for his time portraying the character “Anthony DiNozzo” on the hit CBS crime drama NCIS. Even though this show came to an end in 2016, that didn’t stop Weatherly from being cast as the lead “Dr. Jason Bull” for a new CBS courtroom drama, Bull. This high profile character always needs to look fashion forward which is why he can be seen wearing the ever-stylish Concorde sunglasses! The Concordes are built to the same standards as the classic Aviator sunglasses and feature the popular teardrop shape that has been worn since World War II.

Jerry Seinfeld

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld led the cast of one of the most popular shows of the 1990’s. Seinfeld, based on Jerry’s own comedy, was famously a “show about nothing,” and was so successful that he and his fellow castmates became household names. When you are as recognized as Jerry, you need to look good too! In his newest Netflix streamed show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Seinfeld can be seen wearing the classic Aviator sunglasses! No one can say he isn’t as stylish as he is funny!

Eyles Gabel Sunglasses

Handsome English actor, Elyes Gabel has starred in several shows on BBC, seasons 1 & 2 of the HBO mega-hit Game of Thrones, and the CBS series Scorpion. During his time on Scorpion, he portrayed a computer genius and hacker named  after its real life counterpart Walter O’Brien, who was actually one of the shows producers and the inspiration for the series! You can see Gabel wearing the iconic and timeless Aviator sunglasses gray lenses and bright chrome frames. Busy computer geniuses need to look good while keeping their eyes protected, too!

Ethan Hawke Sunglasses

Ethan Hawke has been making movies for decades! Having played a variety of characters and move styles, no one can deny Hawke is a talented actor. On of his more recent installments is the 2014 film Good Kill– a thought-provoking look into the ethics of modern drone warfare. In this film Hawke can be seen wearing a classic pair of Aviator sunglasses, often worn by military pilots like his character in the movie. Strong, durable, and stylish- the Aviators prove time and time again that they set a standard in eyewear.


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