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Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley Sunglasses are for active people with a sense of style. Oakley lenses are available in the widest possible range of colors, along with their special Iridium coatings that increase contrast and sharpen vision. Polarized Oakley lenses are also available with the Iridium option. The Iridium coating is best described as a stylish mirror that makes the lenses much less transparent from the outside while highlighting the colors of the mirror in your field of view.

Oakley Sunglasses below are divided into four categories. Oakley semi-rimless sunglasses are preferred by runners and cyclists. Oakley full-rim sunglasses provide great coverage and wind protection. Oakley Sunglasses with interchangeable lenses are available in both categories. The Fast Jacket, Split Jacket and Racing Jacket are all Oakley models with easily interchangeable lenses.The categories below also include stylish metal frames, and women specific sunglasses from Oakley.

Check our Oakley Buyer's Guide for more information about Oakley sunglasses and their options.

Oakley Lens Colors Guide

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