Oakley Sport-Specific Progressive Lenses

Oakley Sport-Specific Progressive Lenses

Surfaced with Oakley True Digital Lens Technology

Innovative sport-specific progressive lenses, optimized for Golf, Cycling, and Fishing:

Oakley GOLF-Specific Progressive lens:
Oakley Golf-Specific Progressive Lens

Advantages of Oakley Golf Lens:

  • A long, even, golf-specific intermediate zone allows golfers to hit the ball with a more natural head posture.

  • A wide distance zone, delivers crisp vision above the fitting point allowing golfers to easily follow the ball down the fairway.

  • Small reading area to see a score card.

Recommended Lens Colors for Golf:

  • G-30

  • G-30 Iridium Polarized

  • Polarized Bronze

  • VR-28

  • VR-28 Black Iridium Polarized
Oakley CYCLING-Specific Progressive lens:
Oakley Cycling-Specific Progressive Lens

Advantages of Oakley Cycling Lens:

  • A cycling-specific intermediate and reading zone, allows the rider a clear view of the bike computer without distorting road obstacles.

  • A distance zone slightly higher than standard provides sharp vision with the chin down and eyes rotated up.

Recommended Lens Colors for Cycling:

  • VR-28 Black Iridium Polarized

  • OO Red Iridium Polarized

  • Polarized Bronze

  • VR-28

  • Black Iridium Polarized
Oakley FISHING-Specific Progressive lens:
Oakley Fishing-Specific Progressive Lens

Advantages of Oakley Fishing Lens:

  • A wide near zone makes baiting easier for a large variety of fishing demands.

  • A wide fishing-specific far vision zone delivers crisp vision across the distance providing the details to scan, cast and spot fish.

Recommended Lens Colors for Fishing:

  • Deep Blue Polarized

  • Shallow Blue Polarized
  • Polarized Bronze

Oakley AR Coating

Oakley Stealth™ AR Coating is engineered for the needs of athletes and
sport enthusiasts. It reduces backside reflections, repels dust, water and oil with industry leading durability.

For a limited time Oakley is providing this Stealth AR Coating at no charge.  We are passing this no-cost offer along to our customers as well.