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Oakley Sunglasses Buyer's Guide

Oakley Sunglasses Buyer’s Guide

Oakley has sunglasses for any sport and any lighting conditions.  Here we review basic Oakley Oakley XLJ Lens Shapeinformation to help you zero in on the perfect pair of sunglasses.

First, when you see XL or XLJ do not think Extra Large.  Most Oakley semi-rimless frames are available with a rounded lens or a squared off lens.  The standard models come with the rounded lens.  The XL or XLJ models come with the squared off lens.  The XL lenses do have just a bit more coverage than the standard lens.  But you can put an XL lens in the regular frame and vice versa.

On our Oakley page you will see that we generally show the model with the regular cut lens right below the model with the XL or XLJ lens.  For example, the regular Flak Jacket is right below the Flak Jacket XLJ.  These two frames are exactly the same size.

Oakley Lens Types, Tints, and Iridium Infusions  - All available in prescription.

-Tinted Lenses - A tint is applied to the outside of a lens. Oakley offers their tinted lenses with or without Oakley Iridium coatings.

-Polarized Lenses - Polarization is a film inside the lens that only allows light to pass straight through the lens. Scattered light, or glare, is blocked by this film. Polarized lenses are preferred by most athletes, and Ophthalmologists often prescribe polarized lenses for patients who have had a recent eye surgery, had their eyes dilated, or in general have light sensitive eyes. A polarized lens is considered a healthier lens in comparison to a standard tinted lens. Some electronic displays can be harder to read with polarized lenses, but tilting your head a bit when this happens generally solved the problem.

-Transitions Lenses - These lenses darken in the presence of UV Light, or sunlight. There are 5 transition colors from Oakley, 3 of which are Iridium transitions. These are triggered by UV Light, therefore Transitions lenses will not darken in a car. 

-Iridium Lenses - This is an additional layer of contrast that is infused into lens, similar to the way a polarization coating is in the lens.  This Oakley patented technology often has a mirrored effect along with the additional layer of contrast. Iridium lenses are available with almost any lens color, polarized or not.

-Prism Lenses - These coatings are the newest Oakley innovation. Similar to the Iridium coatings, but the level of contrast is more finely tuned. For example, Prism lenses for Baseball Infield provide excellent contrast with a white ball against a brown or neutral background. Prism lenses for Outfield provide excellent contrast with a white ball against a blue or lighter colored background, like the sky.

These are a few lens suggestions from Oakley on which lenses work best in specific situations:

Prescription Oakley Sunglasses Lens Color Chart

Oakley Lens Color Choices

Every lens color option is available in any model when ordering prescription glasses. Each non-prescription model will have several lens choices, but Oakley offers so many choices that it is not practical to make every lens option available in every model.  Just call us if you need help finding a model with the lens you want.

See our full Oakley Sunglasses Lens Color/Light Transmission Chart

Oakley Sunglasses Frame Types

Oakley Semi-Rimless Rx Sunglasses

Provides an unobstructed view through the bottom of the lens. Lenses hook to the frame using two hooks on the top corners of each lens. The most popular of this type listed from smallest to largest are the Quarter Jacket, Bottle Rocket, Half Jacket 2.0 (XL), Flak Jacket (XLJ), and Fast Jacket (XL). A larger lens size does not change the frame size.

Oakley Semi-Rimless Sunglasses Chart

Shop All Oakley Semi-Rimless Sunglasses

Oakley Full Frame Sunglasses

A full-frame provides the best lens security with a frame that goes all the way around the lens. Full frames are a good option for those with heavier prescriptions because the frame will hide some of the excess thickness. This includes all metal frame sunglasses.

Oakley Full Frame Sunglasses

Shop All Oakley Full Frame Sunglasses

Radar-Lock Switch Lock Technology

Oakley Radar Lock Lens Interchange Diagram

Prescription Oakley Radar Lock Path Sunglasses Prescription Oakley Radar Lock Pitch Sunglasses

Shop Oakley Radar Lock Path Sunglasses


Buy with Rx

Starting at $165. Rx lenses extra.

Shop Oakley Radar Lock Pitch Sunglasses


Buy with Rx

Starting at $165. Rx lenses extra.

How Oakley Surfaces Prescription Sunglass Lenses

Oakley utilizes a free-form, digital lens surfacing method. By using advanced calculations and computer controlled Rx surfacing equipment, Oakley recalculates your prescription at every point on the back of each lens in order to give you much more usable lens space, with sharp optics that extend into the peripheral portions of the lenses. The advanced prescription calculation takes into account the distance between your eyes as a starting point, the distance from your eyes to the back surface of the lens, and the tilt of the lens, then melds the information in with your prescription to create a highly detailed and personalized prescription map that provides you the best possible vision. This technology has eliminated the peripheral distortion problem commonly known from putting standard surfaced lenses in sunglasses with a wrapped frame.

Oakley Sunglasses Vented Lenses

Vented lenses increase airflow to decrease fogging on the inside of your lenses. The Oakley Racing Jacket and Radar frames are the only frame types that come stock with a vented lens. The Oakley Racing Jacket, Radar Path and Radar Pitch, and the Split Jacket are available with vented lenses when ordering a prescription at no extra charge.

Oakley Sunglasses Vented Lens Comparison

Do you need Prescription Oakley Lenses for the frame that you already own?

There are a couple of options when ordering lens only for Oakley sunglass frames that you already own. You can either order the lenses only and have them shipped to you for you to install, or you can send us your frames and we will do the install for you. We recommend you send your frames for any metal frames, or full frame sunglasses because they are a bit more difficult to install. If you want us to install the lenses for you, you would just ship us your glasses with your order receipt printed off and included in the box. You might also write your order number on the box to help speed things along. Use the link below to get started!

Click to Buy Oakley Prescription Lenses for YOUR Oakley Sunglasses

Frequently Asked Questions about Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

Is my prescription in the Oakley prescription range?

That depends on a few components including your prescription strength, the frame you want, and your PD measurement (the distance between your eyes in millimeters). Oakley also recently expanded some of their limits, so if you have tried before but could not get them, we may be able to help you now. The best way to find out if you are a candidate for Authentic Oakley Prescription lenses is to give us a call! (855) 858-5519

What kind of guarantee do I get when ordering prescription Oakley sunglasses online from ADS Sports Eyewear?

We guarantee that your lenses will be exactly what your doctor ordered. If you find that the vision in your lenses is not perfect, we will figure out what went wrong and have it fixed at no charge to you. If it was an error on our part, we will also pay for you to ship the glasses Oakley also has a one-year warranty against scratched lenses. Call for details!

Can I buy prescription Oakley lenses for the Oakley frame that I already own?

Unlike many other online dealers, we offer lens only sales and do not charge a premium for not buying a frame. You have the choice of either sending us your frame to install the lenses or having the lenses shipped to you for you to install. Note that if you choose to install the lenses yourself, we cannot guarantee against any breakage that might happen.

Do you offer the new Oakley Edge prescription lenses for higher power prescriptions?

We do offer lenses from the new Oakley Edge prescription program. Read our Oakley Edge information page for details about how the lenses work and what your options are. The specialty Oakley Edge lenses are only $40 more expensive than the standard Oakley True Digital lenses.

How long does it take to receive my prescription Oakley order?

While there is not guaranteed time on receiving prescription Oakley orders, we are receiving them back from the Oakley lab in about a week to a week and a half. Full Oakley Rx orders (frame and lens) receive free UPS 2 day shipping, a lens or frame only order would receive the free UPS ground shipping.

Can you ship to me if I live outside of the USA?

We are an authorized Oakley dealer in the USA so we are unable to ship outside of the country. Most people in this situation have us ship their order to a friend or relative in the states that can forward the package for them.

Will Oakley make prescription lenses for my favorite sunglasses that are discontinued?

Oakley does make prescription lenses for some of their discontinued models. The best thing to do is give us a call and we will call their lab to find out if your model’s Rx lenses are still in production.

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