About Us

ADS Sports Eyewear is owned by, and staffed by opticians. We don’t just sell sports eyewear, we live it!

Sunglasses for Cyclists
Dave on a bike ride between

Kerrville and Luckenbach, TX
wearing Nike Siege 2.
Dave Hanging From Biplane
Dave hanging from an inverted
bi-plane over Quincy, IL wearing
Wiley-X Rout.
Dave in Motorcycle Sunglasses
Dave (in the Panoptx 7Eye Bora) testing motorcycle sunglasses at 200mph over

Whitewright, TX.

When we recommend a product or a specific lens color it is not from something we read in a book. We recommend the glasses that have worked best for us. Our testing is extensive and completely objective. Our only goal is to give our customers the best possible eyewear for their sport or hobby. And, we believe this is why such a large portion of our business is repeat or referral customers.

We also understand that looking good while playing outdoors is important and therefore have carefully selected only a few of the best styles. In each category we present glasses that provide superior eye protection, unparalleled value, and extraordinary style.

We posted a few pictures here of ADS Sports Eyewear employees out testing the products that we sell.  If it looks like we enjoy what we do that’s because we live for this stuff.  Somebody around here is an avid participant in every activity that we list on the web site.  So if you’re not sure what to buy and you’d like to hear an educated opinion, we’d love to let you know what we think.

We recently updated our web site to give you the best possible images we could find of every single product we offer. (Actually we are still working on this, but we’re almost done.)  Many of our images give you a better view of the product than you could get if you were holding it in your hand.

We do not try to be all things to all people.  And we have not copied every manufacturer’s entire catalog onto our website. Instead, we have selected a few of the best styles for active individuals, because we understand that looking good while playing outdoors is important. Every product we offer has been carefully selected. In each category we present only glasses that provide superior protection for your eyes, unparalleled value, and extraordinary style. Our goal is to make it impossible for you to make a bad choice when purchasing eyewear on our site, which is why you won’t find any unsightly or functionally deficient glasses on this site . . . and that’s a promise!

Price Policy:

Our goal is to give you more for your money than any other retailer. No exceptions.

Although our prices are extremely competitive, this does not mean that we will always be the cheapest. We charge just enough to insure that we can take care of our customers, sell quality eyewear, and stand behind everything we sell.

ADS Sports Eyewear is an authorized web-dealer for every brand that we feature on this web site.


Steve, Dave and their Dad
Dave with his father and brother. Wearing Oakley Monster Dog, Wiley-X Rout and Wiley-X Brick sunglasses.
Sharon with US Army Bicycle Team
Sharon (2nd from the left) rides with the US Army bicycle team.


Bicycling Sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear

Sharon on the MS-150 Ride
wearing Native Dash SS.

Community Run Together 5k

Julia (wearing the Oakley Entry Fee), Nicole and Sharon after a local Community Run Together 5k. April, 2014
Community Run Together 5k
Julia, Michael and Nicole at the Community Run Together 5k.
Community Run Together 5k
Julia and Nicole, post-Community Run Together 5k.
April, 2014
Ski Goggles in Steamboat Springs CO
Dave in Steamboat Springs,
CO wearing Smith Ski Goggle
Phenom Turbo and Smith
Variant Brim helmet.